Once again, Facebook plays fast and loose with user’s privacy, stepping back only when they get caught

We’re shifting away from social on social media

  1. In the world of social media, we are not the consumers, we are the product. Social platforms sell advertisers access to us in exchange for a “free” platform
  2. If social media did not cause a primal emotion, we would not use it as often — and the less we use it, the less we are worth accessing (see above)

How small businesses should adapt their online marketing in light of the Facebook data privacy issues

Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash

Everyone talks about how to get referrals — the ways to get your existing clients to refer you to a new pool of people.

Your next customer is out there, searching for answers — what are you doing about it?

Shaun Nestor

I help smart leaders and entrepreneurs who feel lost, overwhelmed, or frustrated by all of the challenges of running a business.

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